"WHAT? There Are Actually Girls In Tech?!"

Also when we have teachers that don't know how to do something on the computer, they immediately ask a boy - I mean why do they assume that a boy knows more than a girl?

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So why is that? Why does everyone not expect these things from a girl? Like always it's tradition, girls we're and are never supposed to work/know anything in such genres - It's just like that, you can't question this - This is sad but that's our society - And now this has changed over the last 10 years, men are overwhelmed that there're women that are better than they are - Like in every other typical "man job".

But to be positive and fair : In the last years the equality got better and better, but we are still not as equal - And no I'm not being feministic, that's just reality and many people are still ignoring it.

What should change?

Well In the technology section definitely a lot - You can't only support the boys, in which century do we live?! - as e.g.

  • Parents should stop having fears that their daughter uses the internet (what many parents at the beginning actually have).
  • Developers should encourage more women at least to consider "developer" as their future job.
  • Men should accept that there are also women out there that are better than they are, also in the technology branch.
  • Support girls and boys equally
  • Don't have any prejudices against women in technology jobs.
  • Already begin at school to show young girls technology

So these we're just my very simple ideas of how you could attract as many women to technology as men - From a point of view of a 15 year old student.

And at last I just can say: I really hope that more and more girls/women encourage themselves to work in technical jobs - I also had to encourage myself that this branch is the right for me because my parents always told me that programming or journalism don't have any future and I should learn something different.

But we women have to hold up against such role models and as you can see: In the last 10 years many things have changed, so I'm definitely looking forward to what will change in the next few years.

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