Apple Keynote Recap: The New iPad

Now let's introduce what Apple wanted you to touch which is called "The New iPad". Everyone wants to know the new specs and features, so here they are. Lets start off with the Retina display, found in the iPhone 4, that has a resolution of 20481536, which will give you at total of 3.1 million pixels total. This Retina display will give you over 1 million more pixels than you ordinary HD TV. With the increase of the screen resolution Apple introduced the A5X graphics processor that gives you quad core graphics, and 4x more power than the Nividia Tegra 3.

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Now on to"The New iPad's" iSight camera which is a improvement of 2 mega pixels which will give you a total of a 5 mega pixel camera, just like the iPhone 4, but on the backside of the iPad. The new camera will have a 5 element lens and a Hybrid IR filter. With this improvement you will get auto focus, auto white balance, and face detection. Now you will be able to record in full 1080p on the back iSight camera.

The New iPad will be on AT&T network and the Verizon network taking full advantage of the 4g LTE capabilities of AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks."The New iPad" on regular WiFi network will receive a 10 hour battery life. However, on a 4G LTE network you will receive a 9 hour battery life.

As with all iOS releases there are apps that use the new features. With the release of "The New iPad" Apple released 3 apps that take effect of the new retina display. The first one is Namcon Sky Gamblers which is a fighter jet based game that will be available later this month to download. Autodesk also had a chance to reveille a app which is called Sketch Based Ink which is a drawing application for the iPad that will be available this April. Epic Games unveiled a game called Dungeons that will be available soon.

Apple, in this Keynote, completed the iLife suite on the iPad with the addition of iPhoto which will add much need photo editing capabilities to you iOS device and will be available today for $4.99. There will also be free updates to Garage Band with the addition to Jam session, a feature that allows four friend to link up to 4 iPads and create music, and iMovie which add a trailer feature so you can make Hollywood style trailers on you iOS device.

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