Powerful Support Ticket System: HelpDesk Pilot

HelpDesk Pilot is a professional support ticket & helpdesk software for managing support requests sent via e-mail or the web interface easier and better.

The application runs on your server (PHP & MySQL / MSSQL) for a better customization & integration.

HelpDesk Pilot strives to offer a good customer service experience. Here are some nice features provided:

E-mail Parser

Users can submit new tickets via e-mail . The application auto-parses the e-mail & creates a new ticket with it.

If the user responds to a ticket with e-mail, that works too. With the unique IDs in the e-mail subjects, the application adds those e-mails as an update to the ticket.

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Online Support Portal

Users can create a new membership to the support system, send new tickets & view the status/details of the old ones.

With the help of the knowledgebase plugin, a category-based FAQ system can be created for minimizing support requests.

Flexible Ticket Management

With a clean & slick admin interface, admins can see the priorities with an instant look.

There are several features for answering requests faster, like:

  • Canned replies (one-click replies to popular questions)
  • Mass reply (reply multiple tickets with one answer)
  • Similar tickets (see similar tickets answered in the past)

Besides these, tickets can be assigned between departments & admins, private notes can be added, custom fields can be created & more.

Also, admins can see the other admins that are online for a better collaboration. The RSS support offers a wider usability, literally on any internet enabled device.

And, HelpDesk Pilot is multilingual which makes it possible to be used in any language.

The application comes with several editions offering different limits in department/admin staff & number of domains it can be installed. You can check the pricing for the detailed info.

Posted in Software Post Date 12/25/2016






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