An Unbelievable Scheme and Several Things to Consider

In a few hours, Microsoft will be preparing to preview Windows 10 to the world; the next move at the end of a long and disordered game of tech catch-up. There will be no doubt in the minds of the executives this may well be Microsoft's last chance to place a stake in the industry.

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It has been all too easy to forget that only 10 years ago more than 90% of devices on the internet ran Windows. But then came the ruthless rise of iOS and Android, smart phones and tablets and the aged Windows struggled to keep up. As a result, that number fell to only 15% of devices.

What has followed has been an assortment of blind knee-jerk reactions made by the company to the changing tech landscape. Like the middle-aged father who throws on a jumble of all of the latest trends to stay relevant, so in ran Microsoft with it's garish bright lights and clunky modular systems in an effort simply to stay in the game.

And so here we find ourselves on Wednesday 21st January 2015 watching the company that pioneered the beginning of the Internet and computer technology simply begging the world to care.

How does Microsoft convince us that Windows has any relevance in the iOS and Android landscape?

Context and Continuity :

In an effort to keep pace with the tech trends of the past decade, Microsoft has frequently released products and updates that have no underlying unity. It has found users using Windows PCs, tablets and phones with no better understanding that these we're all made by the same company. As a result Microsoft has been promising for almost a year that the next version of Windows will be more unified across the various platforms. However it's a fine line. Whilst it's important for there to be unity and familiarity across all of the platforms, it is increasingly important for developers to understand that users attend to the various platforms with subtle differences. How a user chooses to click on an item with a mouse will take a subtly different form than a user who presses with a finger on a tablet. The important word here is subtlety these differences do not quire a totally different core system, but they do require a subtle understanding.

Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri, may be the answer here. Assuming that Cortana will be hard-wired into Windows 10, the PC will have the capability to read how you use it and adapt to the results. Windows 10 should recognise the device that it is wired to, and how the owner behaves as a result.

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