Add Author Bio box inside the post at blogger blog

Seeking answers on how to add Author Bio box inside the post at blogger blog? well i have an idea on how to possibly do this. With this method we need Photoshop to create your own author bio box.

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Follow my simple instructions, but before we start creating your first Author Bio Box, be sure to have Photoshop at your side. OK now,

Step 1: Open your photoshop and design your own image to be put on your blogger blog post. If you need to find icons, just visit Icon Finder. They have lots of icons there to choose, High quality icons and it's free to download or save. If you want total awesome Fonts, just visit Dafont They have 10183 fonts to choose and the best part if this is it's free. After designing your own Author Bio Box let's proceed to ..

Step 2: Upload your newly created image to any free image hosting sites like Tinypic, PhotoBucket, Imageshock and more. Be sure to copy the Image location and paste it to ..

Step 3: Open Blogger go to Dashboard/Layout/Edit HTML. Find this short code<data:post.body/>to fasten your findings, hold CTRL and press F.

And if you already Located that short code just paste your image of course with URL either at the top or at the bottom of your post. Like ...

At the Top:

<a href='/'><img src='Url of the Image'/><a/><data:post.body/>

At the Bottom:

<data:post.body/><a href='/'><img src='Url of the Image'/><a/>

Easy right? and if your done positioning on where you think you must put your Author Bio Box ..

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